Thursday, October 31, 2013

PatinaFinishes now available

Pewter, Bronze, and Black Patina Finishes
Portella is now offering Pewter, Bronze, and Black chemically etched finishes.  This project for a private residence in Santa Barbara is finished in Pewter.  Our exterior wet glazing has been custom color matched to our new patina finishes.  Patina finishes are etched into the steel, creating a life time finish that will not peel or fade.  A flat polyurethane top coat is applied over the patinated steel.

Out-swing casement steel window, Exterior view, 4 Lite, Pewter Finish, Low-E laminated glass, screen option.  All  Portella steel windows and doors include a continuous welded mounting flange.  Shown on this window is one of our standard options, a predrilled 2" flange.

Out-swing casement steel window, Interior view, 4 Lite, Pewter Patina Finish, Low-E laminated glass, screen option.
Solid white brass push out stay bars and cam latches (not shown).

Portella's new Bronze Patina finish shown on interior view of mini sample door.


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  2. Awesome work with those window frames! They look very modern and interesting!

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  3. That is pretty awesome! I have been looking into cool windows and doors for my home in Calgary, and I think my wife would love it!

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  7. I really like the handle on the window. Im looking at all the windows and doors in Edmonton and i see a lot of this style, its really interesting.

  8. I would love to get my hands on these Ottawa windows and doors. Or at least that's where I keep seeing them. I think they would look perfect in my home and I just like the overall style.

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